Michigan Lawmaker Is Spanking the Monkey Laws
One Michigan lawmaker isn’t having any of your monkey business.
State Representative Andrew Kandrevas is own a seek and destroy mission to prevent Michigan residents from owning primates, a goal he has been fiendishly stroking ever since a young girl in his district was bitten by one …
Patient Cat Tolerates Cute Baby Gibbon
We commend this cat, whose patience is dangling by a thread. If cats can grind their teeth, then Chuck (named after her propensity for barfing) must be doing it for this whole video, as extremely playful (and handsy) baby gibbon APEril climbs all over her...
Ninja Monkey Shows Off His Skills
At this point, it's only a matter of time.  Humans just take for granted that we are on top of the evolutionary ladder, while monkeys patiently observe and prepare.  Now they are mastering martial arts, so we can't even depend on ninjas to save mankind.
Monkey Riding A Mounain Goat Walking A Tight Rope
I won't lie, I'm pretty easy to amuse.  I'd be impressed with a monkey riding a mountain goat, or a mountain goat walking a tight rope by themselves.  But when you combine it all in one video, you're talking about 4 of the best minutes of my life.
Monkey With A Loaded AK-47
New footage has leaked to internet coming from the war torn continent of Africa.  Check out what happens when soldiers hand of a loaded weapon to a lesser primate.