Native American Actors Walk Off The Set Of New Adam Sandler Movie [VIDEO]
There is some controversy on the set of a new Adam Sandler movie. The movie is called 'The Ridiculous Six' and is a western comedy that is supposed to be out later this year. During filming, some of the Native American actors were offended by some of the things written in the script. After an argument with the producers the actors walked off the set.
KISS Set to Shoot Movie ‘Cadillac High’ in Michigan [VIDEO]
Cadillac, Michigan became the adopted home of the legendary rock band KISS back in 1974, after the group showed up in the small town to lend several days of support to the high school football team. Since then, the people of Cadillac have held KISS in high regard, and the experience was such a memorable occasion that a movie called ‘Cadillac High’ is now in the works.