Movies That Make Tony Cry
While watching these tear jerkers, It's more about fighting back tears and the lump in my throat than anything. Some are tears of joy and some are tears of sorrow, both are the tears I shed for the movies I love. Here is my list of movies and the clips that turn me into a big baby.
Remember These Movies Shot in MI
There is nothing more exciting than a film crew from La-La-Land moving into your neck of the woods for a few months to shoot the next Hollywood blockbuster – especially, when some of the movie industry’s top actors are attached to the production. Seriously, how many of you have…
A Tribute to Hot Movie Strippers [VIDEO]
When you put together a video that includes Jessica Alba, Rose McGowan, Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Olivia Wilde, Salma Hayek and others, what do you get? Answer: A tribute to the hottest movie strippers ever!
US 23 Drive In Theater Now Open For The Season
One more sign that summer is almost here.  The US 23 Drive In is back in action on Friday and Saturday nights.  After Memorial Day, the theater will be open 7 day/week.  The great thing is the cost.  Only $7 per adult and kids are just $5.  I'm definitely looking forwar…
Classic Movie Scenes In Bro Language
Some classic movies might have a great story, but nobody understands what the hell they are talking about, because nobody talks like that anymore. Luckily, there is a video that translates those movies from English to Jersey Shore.

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