Metalachi is a Mix of Metal and Mariachi Music [Video]
If you've ever wondered what it would sound like if a band from another genre of music covered some of metals greatest tunes. Then you may want to check out this band known as "Metalachi", which takes awesome metal tunes and sets them to mariachi music.
‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Put to Music [VIDEO]
People have gone crazy for the book 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.  Not just that particular book, the whole trilogy!  I have not read any of the books, but know plenty of people who have.  From what I am told the books are considered soft porn.  Listen to some of the book put…
Blind Melon Gives It Another Go!
Blind Melon appears to be giving former lead singer Travis Warren another chance.  According to the bands website forum notes, quote:
"Yes, the band has a few shows coming up.  Travis will be singing.  The future of the band is still up in the air

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