NASA Launches Historic Mission to Mars [VIDEO]
When most people get up in the morning, the first thing they do is hit facebook or some news outlet to see what's happening in the world. I hit Facebook too but the first thing I look at is NASA's page or I go directly to their website to what's happening in the world of space explora…
The Mitten from Space
If you have ever gotten really stoned and wondered what Michigan would look like from space, well, today your THC-induced curiosity can rest.
NASA Explains End of the World
I think we can all agree that the world isn't really coming to an end on December 21, 2012. For us, it's just a reason to throw a kick ass party. Well, Nasa is so sure the world will still be around on December 22 that they made a video with many reasons why.
Did NASA Spot a UFO On Mars With Curiosity? [VIDEO]
It's a pretty big deal that NASA landed the robot vehicle Curiosity on the surface of Mars, but it would be an even bigger deal if Curiosity ended up documenting evidence of life on the red planet.  Some people are saying that's exactly what has happened, check out the video the world…

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