Brad Keselowski Hits Crew Members During Pit Stop [VIDEO]
It's amazing the precision that a pit crew has during a race. However, it their timing is off, bad things can happen. During the race yesterday, Brad Keselowski was coming in for a pit stop and over shot the pit. In doing so, he hit two pit members and almost a third. Luckily, they were all ok.
Tony Stewart Kills Driver
During a dirt track race in upstate New York, NASCAR's Tony Stewart struck a walking Kevin Ward Jr. after an altercation during the race... Ward died as a result.
The Week In Sports Recap 6/18/12
Sometimes I feel like watching sports stresses me out, but until watching Lifetime movies becomes okay for a man to do, I'll just keep shaking my head when I watch Sportscenter.  Check out my thoughts on the NBA Finals, why golf is awful, and Roger Clemens being found innocent.

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