Brad Keselowski Hits Crew Members During Pit Stop [VIDEO]
It's amazing the precision that a pit crew has during a race. However, it their timing is off, bad things can happen. During the race yesterday, Brad Keselowski was coming in for a pit stop and over shot the pit. In doing so, he hit two pit members and almost a third. Luckily, they were all ok.
Tony Stewart Kills Driver
During a dirt track race in upstate New York, NASCAR's Tony Stewart struck a walking Kevin Ward Jr. after an altercation during the race... Ward died as a result.
The Week In Sports Recap 6/18/12
Sometimes I feel like watching sports stresses me out, but until watching Lifetime movies becomes okay for a man to do, I'll just keep shaking my head when I watch Sportscenter.  Check out my thoughts on the NBA Finals, why golf is awful, and Roger Clemens being found innocent.
Best Crash Ever!
Let's face the facts, people wanna see the big crashes.  It doesn't matter if it is a wide reciever getting his head taken off over the middle, a high speed chase, or NASCAR, big crashes bring the crowds.  And if more people saw this video, Indoor Cycling would be the biggest spo…