Nerd Freaks Out, Attacks Other Nerd
Let me just say that gamers are creepy.  I'm a firm believer that if the power ever goes out, they will be the next serial killers.  However, if we have a zombie apocalypse I'm hanging out with these guys.  This is some serious rage.  Nerd on Nerd Combat!  No keybo…
Robot Beer Pong [VIDEO]
Forget what you heard, nerds love to party.  But they have to do it in the nerdiest way possible.  Check out this beer pong match between 2 robots.
Nerd Proposes Super Mario Style [VIDEO]
You probably think nerds don't do very well with the ladies.  And you'd be right.  Unless they are nerd chicks, because then, it's just a love fest of video games and Mountain Dew.  Check out this nerdy ass proposal.
Kettering Students Run Detroit To Flint For Cancer
If you listen to my radio show on a regular basis, you'll hear me throw a shout out to the nerds that go to Kettering.  They really deserve it this time, as 6 of them ran 65 miles from Detroit to Flint to raise money for cancer research.
Tony LaBrie VS. A Punching Bag [VIDEO]
So we all know that Tony has been working out everyday this year.  We finally got some footage of him to see how he is actually doing.  Remind me not to get into a bar brawl with him...we wouldn't win!
Green Lantern Trailer [VIDEO]
It seems like this summer is going to be a good one for nerds.  Not that any of them will be getting laid or tan, but there is a ton of super hero movies coming out.  Including The Green Lantern.  Check out the new trailer.
Nerds Rob Strip Club Patron
Next time you are at one of Flint's many fine adult establishments, be on the look out for anybody playing World Of Warcraft, doing math, or wearing a t-shirt with a wolf on it, cuz nerds are robbing everybody.
Nerd Chic; Are Nerds The New Jock?
We have all seen it, the hottest chick in the bar hanging out with the biggest geek. Wait! I live that, well maybe not the hottest chick in the bar, but still, I have been told by all these hot chicks that, "nerd is in"! Well if nerd is in call me Lewis Skolnick. Find out more abou…
Band Nerds Rock Out To Rage [VIDEO]
When you think of marching band, you think of furry hats, fat kids wearing glasses, and virgins.  And this marching band isn't any different, except they are rocking out to Rage Against The Machine.
X-Men: First Class Trailer = Nerdgasm [VIDEO]
I'm not ashamed to admit that I get my nerd on pretty often. I don't live in my mom's basement, playing WoW and drinking Mountain Dew, but I do love me some Superheros.  And in my humble opinion, there are no superheros greater than X-Men.  Check out the trailer  for th…