Mom Drops Kid to Catch Hockey Stick [VIDEO]
Most people would think that L.A. isn't much of a hockey community. Sure the Kings won the cup, but still i think most hockey fans would say that L.A. isn't a real hockey city. I would tend to agree. But despite what the rest of the hockey world says or thinks. Apparently, their are some d…
Hockey Hilarity Ensues From Reddit Rink Post
If you're a fan of hockey I think you'll like this. As most fans know (and just like the rest of the sports world) we all have routines or favorite zones of the field, court or ice. You know, that one spot where you know if you can get there it's guaranteed points on the boa…
Datsyuk Delivers Dastardly Deke
This is way SICK !!!, Pavel Datsyuk straight up brakes Logan Coutrue's ankles. This is the hockey equivalent of some nasty street ball moves. Check it out, I can pretty much guarantee you'll watch it more than once.
Wings Look to Make it Four in a Row Tonight Against Sharks [VIDEO]
Despite have Kyle Quincey, Mikael Samuelsson, Todd Bertuzzi, & Darren Helm all still on the DL, the wings have managed to pull together a nice string of wins while hangin' out on the west coast this week, with tonight game against the San Jose Sharks being the last stop on the west coast ro…

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