Construction Worker Uses Ninja Jump To Avoid Fire [VIDEO]
This guy needs a vacation and a clean pair of shorts.  This construction worker was caught on the top floor of a burning building. When the ladder truck was taking too long to save him, he took matters into his own hands.  Be sure to watch the whole video for a surprise ending.
Fat Kid Busts Out Sweet Ninja Moves
If you're  a young man who had to shop in the husky section, it's pretty much a given you aren't going to be  a pro athlete.  Sure you could be a lineman, or a relief pitcher, or if you're morbildy obese, a sumo wrestler, but fat kids are never ninjas.  At lea…
Ninja Monkey Shows Off His Skills
At this point, it's only a matter of time.  Humans just take for granted that we are on top of the evolutionary ladder, while monkeys patiently observe and prepare.  Now they are mastering martial arts, so we can't even depend on ninjas to save mankind.
Hot Ninja Sword Skills [VIDEO]
Hot chicks are usually good at spending money, crying while they are drunk and talking too much.  But this hottie is an expert at swordsmanship.  Check out her ninja skills.