MLB Player ‘Taps’ Third Base Coach in the Crotch [Video]
It's a widely known fact that MLB players have a tendency to play pranks on one another, and sometimes, even the coaches get in on the fun. Which is what happened when Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur decided to play a prank most guys have been a victim too in their junior high and early hig…
Guy Smashes His Nuts on Pier Post
A bunch of guys here take off running on this pier and jump into the lake, seems simple enough, right? One guy made it more complicated than what it needed to be. Instead of just jumping in the water, he decides to jump on a pier post but fails at that as he ends up landing right on his nutsack.
Double Nutshot Double Wedgie Equals 3 Idiots
Ok, this just might be one of the dumbest things that I have ever watched. Man, If I had a dollar for every time that I've said that.
These 3 idiots build a contraption that will deliver 2 wedgies and 2 nutshots. I can't even imagine what promoted this idiocy, but when it's over, there…
Acrobatic Double-Footed Nutshot
This is absolutely the most insane and brutal nutshot I've ever seen.
Apparently, this is a parkour hazing for the Tempest Free Running Academy. I don't care how badass this school is, there is no reason to do this to anybody. This crotch stomp could seriously cause some major and permanent…