old man

Hilarious Old Man Gets Kicked Out Of A Casino
This actually made my day.  He might be the coolest old guy every.  Some how he got pissed off and is telling the dealer and the security guards off, yet doesn't care about hurting anyone's feelings.  He was even nice enough to disperse his chips to the other players at the …
Untrained 53-Year-Old Man Fights 21-Year-Old MMA Fighter
Father Time is undefeated in the history of all men, but the dude in this video is putting up a hell of fight.  This guy, old enough to be a grandfather, was given an hours notice that he was going to take on a 21-year-old MMA fighter.  You might be surprised with the results.
Crazy Old Man Swims With His Polar Bear
You see these crazy bear people every now and then, then you hear about them getting eaten.  Check out this nut job and his pet polar bear, in a video that will get played at this guys funeral.

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