2020 – The Perfect Year To Talk To Your Kids About Santa [OPNION]
A few things I should put out here right away, This article is not for kids. I don't have kids. I don't recall how old I was when I found out that Santa Claus was actually my mom and dad. I do remember being bummed out. I was not upset over the fact that old Saint Nick didn't exist - I was more annoyed about all of the time I wasted writing letters to a fake guy, when I could have just as easily
Walmart Employees to Receive Another Cash Bonus
Walmart employees are set to get another round of bonuses for working through the pandemic soon. Walmart is rewarding their workers again with another cash bonus. All full-time employees will be receiving a $300 bonus, part-time employees will get an extra $150, and assistant managers will receive an extra $400 on top of their normal checks...

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