Some People Are Not Too Happy About The New iPhone 7 [VIDEO]
It seems like every time Apple comes out with a new product, especially their iPhones, people are quick to rip it apart. I use to be the biggest Android support and then took a gamble and switched. I don't think I'll every go back. However, the android community is very quick to show pride in theirs and tear apart another.
Local Home Depot Disney Parody
From 'The Lion King' to 'Pocahontas'...'Aladdin' to 'Frozen', this crew from a local Home Depot covered all kinds of our favorite Disney tunes to make a hilarious parody for their store that will make you want to re-do your kitchen, then go see this on Broadway!
‘Try Not Having Kids’ Parody Shows Perks of Being Kid Free [VIDEO]
I decided long ago that having kids was not for me. I have never been interested in being a mother. My family was and is totally fine with that. I did not have to suffer through them asking 'when are you going to have kids?', but many of you do get asked that. I did not need a video to show me the joys of being kid free, but here is one in case you do. Who knew there where so many side effects to

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