Giant Frog Penis Has Internet Hopping [VIDEO]
Hung like a frog? It could be a saying after seeing this pic. Actually it really can't because frogs do not have penises (So is Chris Monroe a girl or a frog?). This may look like a ding-a-ling, but apparently it is just a third frog leg. Wah wah!
Giant Penis Shoots Confetti To Promote Safe Sex [VIDEO]
What would you do if you were minding your own business and all of a sudden a giant penis shot confetti all over you? Would you think about safe sex? I am not sure I would either. Nonetheless that is exactly what happens in a PSA from Norway. Apparently the tagline in the video is 'Penis Can Su…
Are You Above Average?
A new study that saw over 15,000 schlongs measured across the globe has definitively determined what an "average penis size" is. Find out if you're above or -- God forbid -- below average here.
Women React To Penis Pics [VIDEO]
I cannot even count how many times a guy has asked me to look at a pic of a naked chick on his phone. I am not talking about professional porn stars, I am talking about the girl who thinks the pic she texted of her boobs to her boyfriend was for his eyes only - nope! Now the table has turned and men…

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