Two Of The Same Cards Hit The Flop In A Poker Game [VIDEO]
Well here is something you don't see everyday. During a high roller poker game, two of the same cards land on the flop. The ace of spades followed by not one but two queen's of clubs. The amazing thing is that not one of these professional poker players caught the problem at first.
Hilarious Old Man Gets Kicked Out Of A Casino
This actually made my day.  He might be the coolest old guy every.  Some how he got pissed off and is telling the dealer and the security guards off, yet doesn't care about hurting anyone's feelings.  He was even nice enough to disperse his chips to the other players at the table.
The Best ‘Bad Beat’ Face From The World Series of Poker. Ever!
High stakes poker is not for the faint of heart.  If you've ever played with your buddies and lost a hand you shouldn't have, you know exactly how Gill Carter is feeling.  I have a friend we call Sherman. He has won so many unbelievable "under dog" hands that I've lost count.  I'm still amazed that none of us drunk asses at the table have ever punched him out for it.