Shane Black's 'Predator' Will Be an "Inventive Sequel"
Yesterday word broke that Shane Black, who starred in the franchise's first entry, would be directing a reboot of 'Predator.' But when reached for comment, Black clarified that he would not reboot, but is plotting an "inventive sequel." Could Arnold Schwarzenegger re…
'Predator' Getting Rebooted By Shane Black
Yep, Hollywood is planning a 'Predator' reboot. That shouldn't come as a surprise. What should come as a surprise is the man who has been hired to bring the project to life: Shane Black, the infamous screenwriter and director who already has a unique attachment to this franchise.
Predator: The Musical [VIDEO]
Let's face the facts, Predator is one of the finest films ever made.  And since nobody can come up with any new ideas, why not make it a musical?  Check out the video.