Security Choke Slams Reporter At Trump Rally [VIDEO]
Things are getting really heated at these presidential rallies. Check out this craziness as a reporter and a security agent come face to face. It seems they bumped into each other and exchanged some words. After those words, the security agent took him down with a serious choke slam.
Reporter Gets Taken Out By Stop Sign In Storm [VIDEO]
I have no idea if this is real or not. Honestly, I don't care. This is the funniest clip I have seen in a long time. This reporter is reporting in the middle of a storm and telling everyone what not to do for their own safety. Then, out of nowhere, she is taken out by a stop sign.
Videobomber Freaks Out News Reporter On Live TV [VIDEO]
Sometimes it sucks to be a reporter in the field. There is always some ahole that wants 15 minutes of fame or just wants to ruin your day. I don't think this guy wanted anything more than his face on TV. However, when she showed up behind her, she was scared to death.
Reporter Gets Hit by Race Car and Goes Down Real Hard
If your going to report this close to cars that are zipping around, chances are you're going to get blasted. This guy gets hit so hard by a car that I can't believe he survived it. At first I though maybe it was fake but after watching a few times, I'm not so sure. I would think, he w…
TV Reporter Walks Into Light Pole
It must suck to be a TV reporter, because every time you screw up on the job, it's going on YouTube.  Watch this dude walk right into a light post as he follows a guy down the street.
Reporter Signs Off With an F-Bomb
This is the greatest reporter sign off ever. This is a really short video clip but it's funny as hell. I'm not sure if her F-bomb actually made it on the air or not but either way you gotta love it. Not too long ago I dropped an F-bomb on the air and I almost had a heart attack after I sai…

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