Rick Snyder

Former Gov. Rick Snyder Doesn’t Want Flint Jurors
Former Gov. Rick Snyder is being charged with two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect of duty that resulted in the 2014 Flint Water Crisis.
Now Snyder's legal team is trying to keep Flint residents out of the case completely by requesting that no Flint residents are allowed to be involved...
MI Fails Welfare Drug Test Test
Michigan's decision to drug test welfare applicants was met with both cheers and jeers from residents, with opinions falling mostly along party lines. Now that we have some preliminary results of the pilot program, I think it's safe to say that both sides are surpr…
Snyder Kills Vote for Legal Weed
During his years as Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder's actions have made it clear he has no problem silencing the voice of the people. In true form, he signed a bill that will most likely mean the end of our chances to vote for legal marijuana this November.
Year-Round School For MI Kids?
Everybody knows that the best part of being in school is the 3 months off in summer, but lawmakers in the state capital are discussing and considering the idea of a 12 month school calender.

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