road construction

I-75 Is Shifting Traffic In Saginaw Starting Today
The Michigan Department Of Transportation is looking for ways to annoy you during your morning commute by shifting traffic around to finish the huge $2.4 million dollar project.
Details are also stating that traffic up north will be shifted as well to prepare for future construction...
I-69 Construction Begins in Flint
I think we can all agree that the roads throughout Michigan for the most part suck! Every year after a winter's worth of snow, plowing, and other destructive elements, the roads can wreak havoc on your car.
Michigan To Suspend Road Projects For The Holiday Weekend
This is really good news if you were planning to travel this holiday weekend. The weather is looking great and a lot a people will be out trying to celebrate the holiday. We all know that Michigan is brutal when it comes to construction, but you should be okay for some travel this weekend.