Road Rage

Walmart Fight in Owosso
If you don't see an a-hole driver daily, chances are YOU are the a-hole driver. That being said, punching and spitting on someone is no way to handle a road rage situation. According to reports, that is allegedly what happened at Walmart in Owosso. Christ.
Road Raging Driver Gets Instant Karma On The Highway [VIDEO]
There is no way around it, this guy is just an ahole. While driving down the highway, the BMW driver gets annoyed by the driver next to him. After a moment of what likes like pointing and yelling while driving side by side, the driver attempts to intimidate the other. After doing that, he lost contr…
Angry Texan Pulls Gun On Biker In Road Rage Incident [VIDEO]
Things always seem to be a little more crazy in Texas. While cruising down the highway, these bikers ended up pissing off these guys in the red truck. Without hesitation, the driver of the truck pulled a gun on one of the bikers. However, it didn't really seem to scare this biker at all.
Guy Has Serious Road Rage Issues [VIDEO]
This guy is one of the reasons I hate most other drivers on the road. Sure it's a pain when we get into an accident, but this is over the top. Not only did the dude lose it and punch the car, he screamed about his kids being in the car. Great example sir!
Jerk Driver's Karma Crash [VIDEO]
And the award for biggest dumbass on the roads goes to this guy. Watch as he tries to be a badass on camera and then instantly wrecks his truck.  The great part is that there was no reason whatsoever that should have caused him to wreck in these conditions.

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