Life Like Robot Gives Creepy Interview [VIDEO]
If your idea of a robot is metal and wires only, think again. This particular bot looks like one creepy ass dude! In fact it/he is modeled after novelist Phillip K. Dick. Do you know him? Me either. Nonetheless this futuristic robot gives one creepy interview.
WildCat – Four Legged Robot Runs About 16MPH [VIDEO]
Boston Dynamics has developed a four-legged robot that so far can run about 16MPH on flat terrain but can tackle all types of terrain. I'm sure one day they will look back at this video and laugh at how slow and loud this technology is but for now it's amazing.
Robotic Rubber Vagina Gives Birth [VIDEO]
Vaginas are pretty awesome, so I'm not surprised that somebody made a robot version of them.  I am surprised it's being used for practicing baby delivery, not practicing baby making.  Check out the horrifying video.
Robot Cheetah Sets Speed Record For Legged Robots
This video is a badass demonstration of a cheetah robot galloping at 18 miles per hour. This is a brand new land speed record for legged robots. The last record was back in 1989 with a speed of 13 miles per hour. I love technology and we are advancing fast.

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