Japanese Company a Makes Scary Ad for Tires [VIDEO]
This Japanese tire commercial has been getting a lot of online love lately because of how ridiculously scary it is. I don't want to ruin it for you, but let's just say there's just one really scary part. It even comes with a health warning at the beginning of the video...
Colonel Sanders has the Original Recipe for Horror[VIDEO]
Colonel Sanders has been striking fear into the hearts of children since 1967 with his creepy ads. Now after being posted to Reddit a few hours ago this gif has found its way into peoples feeds and on the front page at a frighteningly fast pace. Coincidentally, all people who've viewed this hav…
Slackline Walker Conquers 6000 Foot Rope With No Safety
I'm not going to lie, I get nervous standing to close to the edge-railing at the mall.  I can't even imagine walking 130 feet on a rope, almost 6,000 feet from the ground.  Dean Potter did just that, and he did it with no nets, parachutes, or safety lines.
Tightrope Walker Almost Falls at 328 Feet
So this Chinese tightrope walker is attempting to set a world record by walking across a tightrope that is 328 feet up in the air and is being suspended between two hot air balloons. This dude is effing insane! The thought of this makes my heart race as I have a pretty strong fear of heights.
Watch t…
Creepy Girl in Hallway Prank [VIDEO]
Hidden cameras capture just how scared people are of a creepy little girl standing motionless in a dark hotel corridor. Regardless, that you can't understand what in the hell they are saying, this is pretty cool and funny.
Billboards 15 Scariest Videos
Just in time for Halloween, listed the 15 Scariest Movies. Do you agree, can think of videos that scared you the first time you watched them?