Michigan High School Sports Scheduled To Start In The Fall
While schools struggle with in-person or virtual learning, Michigan high school sports are scheduled to start right on schedule. Football practice starts August 10th and other sports start practicing August 12th. New procedures and policies are being crafted now, for students' safety.
Michigan Schools May Soon Add CPR Training As Required Class
Looks like health advocates in Michigan are pushing for something useful for once. Legislators are hoping to get CPR training classes to become a requirement in Michigan schools. The idea is to require students to learn CPR and the use of defibrillators sometime between their 7th and 12th grade year…
MI Schools in Top 10 for Threats
Perhaps it is time to start packing brass knuckles in your kid’s lunch in the morning. A new report indicates that Michigan schools are among the top ten states in America on a rapid increase for threats of violence.
MI Said What About Poor Kids?
A Michigan court recently ruled that the state has no legal obligation to provide poverty-stricken children with an education. Earlier this month, the Michigan Court of Appeals handed down a verdict stating that school districts were under no commitment to ensure kids from poor families received a p…

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