The 10 Best Horror Movies Streaming on Netflix Instant
It’s October and you know what means — it’s time to dust off the horror genre and spend a few weeks screaming at your television. Since actually getting off your couch and actually getting a movie off the shelf is too much effort, we’ve gone ahead and done all of the hard…
15 Facts About ‘Scream’ You Might Not Know
Drew Barrymore plays one of the most memorable roles in Scream, in the frightening opening sequence. But, did you know Barrymore was originally set to play the Neve Campbell role? A scheduling conflict forced her to back out, leaving only enough room for that classic prologue. That’s just one…
This Chick Really Hates Free Money [VIDEO]
Well that didn't go as expected for this street performer. As this couple was walking down the street, a guy on the street offered her free money. The guy that was with her seemed pretty interested but she kept on walking. After a few more attempts, she lets out a scary as scream. Psycho!