Ballot Selfies Outlawed
If you are addicted to your phone and taking selfies, you may not like this news. A federal court has issued a ruling that makes taking a selfie at the ballot box illegal. If you are freaking out right now, may God have mercy on your soul.
L.A. Police Chase Ends In Donuts And Selfies [VIDEO]
We can add this to the list of a thousand reason I never want to go to Los Angeles. It's a whole different and stupid world from what I'm use to. These guys led police on a chase through the city. Along the way they started doing donuts on the highway before they stopped for selfies. How f…
Selfies That Went Way Too Far [VIDEO]
We've all seen some selfies that have made us cringe for a variety of reasons. Whether it's a bathroom selfie where someone forgot to flush their turd, a mother in her panties with a toddler in the background or a woman who takes a selfie and forgets to put her dildo away and it's sta…
I Hate This Selfie Chick
Anyone that puts this much time and effort in taking a good picture of themselves should know it's impossible to do when you have your head that far up your own ass.
How to Take a Slutty Selfie Photo [VIDEO]
We have a really cool contest that starts this weekend, it involves hot chicks taking selfies or just hot photos that tease us. It's called 'Flint's Biggest Tease' and here's a hilarious guide that could help you win $500 cash.