Research Claims Singing Daily is Healthy For You
Whether you're singing in your car, in the shower or you're just one of those people that walk around singing all day, you'll be happy to know it's really healthy for you. Even if you're the most god-awful singer on the planet (Maggie Meadows), it still has health benefits.
President Barack Obama Sings Again [VIDEO]
President Barack Obama, or as I like to call him "President Pipes", hit the stage again Tuesday night, this time around with a group of all stars including Mick Jagger, B.B. King and Jeff Beck. It was all about the blues baby!
The Worst Church Singer Ever
I'm really not a church person, but if you're sincere with your faith, I respect it.  And while church music might not be my cup of tea, I can at least hear the complexity and power of it.  And when it comes to singing this gospel, I'm pretty sure this dude is the Anti-Chris…