Brazilian Men Find Gigantic River Anaconda [VIDEO]
I saw this anaconda video circulating last week on Facebook and felt the need to share as well. Normally it would be extremely unsafe to mess with an anaconda of this magnitude but luckily for them, it looks as if this big boy already had a large meal.
Snakes in a Drain
Is this a case of snake against snake? A 35-year-old unidentified Israeli man was on the toilet when a snake slithered up from inside the commode and bit his junk! I wonder if anyone sucked the venom out for him?
Python Wrangling Goes Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]
Y'know, its situations like this that cause people to end up like Steve Irwin, if you know what I mean. So why you'd want to get into this line of work is still beyond me. Watch as this guy almost loses a few appendages and find out what beverage snakes don't like.

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