Puss In No Boots Clears Snow Like A Pro [VIDEO]
Flint city officials have asked residents to help one another out by clearing snow from sidewalks. Maybe all this city needs is some pussy? As in a cat that clears snow. What did you think I meant? Check out Rudiger the cat take on this snow drift! This puss has some power!
You Won't Believe This Video
Earlier today, it looked like Flint had the makings of a full-on, Mid-April blizzard. We went outside to grab a quick video of the hellish snowfall and caught something unbelievable on video!
Flint's Worst Winter Since 1970s
The Winter of 2014 has brought Flint a brutal combination of consistently frigid temps and record breaking amounts of snow. See the data that supports those statements -- as well as some more of my complaining --  here.
The Destructive Power of One Inch of Snow [VIDEO]
We all know how devastating snow can be especially for folks down south but do we really know the destructive power of an entire inch of snow? Watch this video and will truly get a feel for it. It's hard to imagine what those people went through with all that snow.

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