Little Kid Gets Soccer Ball Blasted In The Face
My older brother was a dick when it came to playing sports with me.  Just because he was bigger and older, he would totally dominate and get pissed anytime I blocked a shot or scored.  Check out this little bro get blasted for playing defense.
Hot Chicks Playing Soccer
Today the United States women's soccer team advanced to the championship game in the World Cup.  Still, the only people that care are girl scout troops, lesbians and foreign people.
Sexy Brazillian Game Show [VIDEOS]
While we waste our time in America watching Glee and American Idol, the people of Brazil are using television for what it was invented for.  Hot chicks playing sports in bikinis and bubbles.
Basketball Soccer Gymnastics Trick Shots [VIDEO]
I know, I know, basketball trick shots are getting old.  They are all over the internet and some of them aren't even that sweet.  But this isn't a basketball trick shot video, it's a basketball soccer gymnastics video trick shot video and it's effing awesome.
Penalty Kick Back Flip [VIDEO]
I'm not the biggest soccer fan but this is pretty impressive.  Back before I got fat and lazy and played sports, I wish I would've know a few moves like this.  I would have been banging cheerleaders left and right!
Amazing Bicycle Kick [VIDEO]
Listen, I don't like soccer either.  But you've got to admit that this goal Wayne Rooney put in for Manchester United this past weekend was pretty effin nuts.  And if you watch this video, your soccer watching quota will be met for the year.