New World Record, 103 Tacos In Eight Minutes [VIDEO]
Competitive eating blows my mind. Where in the hell does all of this food go? Some of these eaters are so tiny I just don't understand how it is psychically possible. Matt Stonie is no exception to the rule. In a recent competition, he set a record and ate 103 tacos in only eight minutes. In my…
Restaurant Turns Robbery Into Hilarious Commercial [VIDEO]
This is a classic example of turning a negative into a positive. Late on night, a couple guys decided to rob a restaurant. They threw a rock through the door and ended up stealing the registers. Instead of feeling defeated, the taco restaurant took the security footage and turned it into this magica…
Hot Girls Eating Tacos [VIDEO]
In honor of Vehicle City Tacos being set up at the radio station today - I give you a video of hot girls eating tacos. Hot or not (all girls in video are not hot - the internet lies), one thing we can all agree on is Vehicle City Tacos RULE!