Mom Pulls Gun On Teens In City Park [VIDEO]
Here is just another story to spark controversy over gun control. Now before you decide to argue for or against what this woman did, let's look at a couple small things. If the kids are being jerks or causing a problem, bringing a gun into the situation isn't going to help.
15 Year Old With Amazing Guitar Skills
Most 15 year olds suck at everything. Unless you're talking about having pimples and being dumb asses, cuz they are awesome at that. This teen is an exception though, check out his insane guitar skills.
Punk Ass Kids Cause Chaos In Stores
Even when I was a teenager, I hated teenagers.   I'm not trying to sound like a bitter old man, but teenagers think that because they have high school figured out, the rest of the world is theirs to take.  I don't want to give these kids any more attention, but once you see …
Weird Bamboo Commercial [VIDEO]
So who would have guessed bamboo needed a commercial.  But it has one and it's sort of racist and really weird.  If you have a neighbor hood filled with barking dogs, fighting teenagers, biker babes, and African tribes people then maybe you need a bamboo fence.