The News

TV Reporter Walks Into Light Pole
It must suck to be a TV reporter, because every time you screw up on the job, it's going on YouTube.  Watch this dude walk right into a light post as he follows a guy down the street.
Awkward Exit On Live TV
The thing with a live broadcast is that sometimes things go wrong. And most of the time, the mistakes are only as bad as you make them. Watch this TV news employee get caught on camera unexpectedly and look like an idiot trying to get away.
Kid Is Emotional Wreck After His Design Is Rejected
The world is a tough place. And apparently, nobody knows it better than this kid. He thought he had won an art contest, but had it ripped from his hands when suspected gang signs were found in the drawing. Watch his emotional, hilarious response here.
Reporter Goes Nuts About Stupid Story
Sometimes I watch the news and think to myself "WTF are these people talking about?" This reporter seems to agree with me and asked the same question, with an emphasis on the F.
Weatherman Showcases Dirty Weather Maps
It's amazing how many things look like a penis.  Hot dogs, guitars and weather patterns all have a distinct wiener like shape to them.  Wait, weather patterns look like wieners?  Yep.
Weatherman Throws A Fit On Live TV
Most videos that come from live TV are screw ups.  People accidentally swear, or something goes horribly wrong, but this video is a little different.  Watch this weatherman act like a whiny bitch on live television.