Thief Apologizes For Years of Stolen Beer [VIDEO]
A Cincinnati couple have suspected for years that someone in their neighborhood has been stealing beer from their poolside/patio refrigerator. Well, turns out they were right. But their suspicions were confirmed only after the thief admitted to it through an anonymous note he left on the couple…
Sneaky Siblings
Every night this little 2 year-old breaks into his sister's bedroom and steals her toys, this time around it's a pillow pet. The crazy part is, her door is locked! This little dude actually uses finger nail clippers to break in to get the goods. Watch as mom and dad catch him in action.
Home Owner Catches Thief In The Act, Pulls Shotgun
Well done good sir!  This guy is now the hero of the neighborhood, even though the thief was an idiot and was trying to walk out with a TV in broad daylight. Whether you are for or against all these new gun laws, there is no denying that this guy was a perfect example of our Second Amendment ri…