MIS Hosting Annual Track and Toy Drive Saturday
For the past 11 years, Michigan International Speedway (MIS), has been hosting a holiday toy drive. This Saturday, December 5th, marks the 12th year of this awesome event. This is a great opportunity to help families in need this holiday season, and take a spin around the track...
This Teddy Bear May Give You Nightmares [VIDEO]
Teddy bears are usually meant to be soft, cuddly, or provide comfort to children or those who may need it. This one, not so much. This one is straight up scary. I'm not referring to a creepy talking Teddy Ruxpin scary, I'm talking Walking Dead, post apocalyptic, frightening...
We Found Some Cool 80s Toys
So we were cleaning out the garage, getting ready to sell off our old crap when we found a couple of items I just couldn't put a price tag on. Take a stroll down memory lane with me and check out a couple of badass toys you probably had if you grew up in the 80s.
10 Weird Fad Toys Every Kid Had to Have for Christmas
You can always spot a parent around the holiday season. Their hair is a frazzled mesh of cow licks and stray strands as if it’s been pulled by a crowd of frantic people. Their eyes dart around in all directions desperately seeking something that could suddenly appear at a moment&Clos…
Best Dad Ever Sends His Son’s Favorite Toy Into Space [VIDEO]
When you're a little kid, you think your dad can do pretty much anything. Even in my wildest imagination, I never thought my dad could actually send one of my toys into outer space, but that's exactly what this dad did. Check out the video of Stanley the toy train and his trip to space.
Texas Cops Waste Money on Remote Controlled Helicopter
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, located in a suburb of Houston, Texas just purchased a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) in other words, they bought a hyped-up remote control helicopter -- this thing is pretty badass actually. Find out more after the jump...
Every 80’s Toy In Two Minutes
The 80's were the best and worst of times in America. For every Frankie Goes To Hollywood, there was a Metallica. But the toys in the 80's were awesome and this video highlights all of them in about 2 minutes.