Pokemon Go Player Stuck In Tree While Chasing Pokemon [VIDEO]
Unfortunately the video doesn't show her, but we can only imagine how she looked up there. I personally have no problems with the game. Some people love it and some people hate it. Either way, there is no denying that it has taken over and made some people make some questionable decisions while…
Guys Fail Big Time When Chopping Down A Tree [VIDEO]
You would think that chopping down a tree is a pretty simple thing. These guys are chopping down a tree in the woods and seem like they know what they are doing. With two guys pulling a rope to make it fall a certain way, the tree begins to fall. Unfortunately, this idiot tried to out run the tree.
MI Man's Tree Cutting Fail
Well this was not supposed to happen. Watch as a local man falls nearly 20 feet to the ground after cutting off a tree branch. The unidentified man is knocked off his ladder by the huge branch. Surprisingly, he was not seriously injured.
Tree Getting Cut Down Destroys House
As soon as this video starts, you already know what is going to happen. That tree is ridiculously large and that house is just sitting there, waiting to get squashed. Watch the lumber jack fail of the week.
Tree’s Days Are Numbered Says Treesus For Jeesus [VIDEO]
A few years back I dressed as Jesus (or Treesus as the incident has been referred to) for Halloween, basically because everybody said I looked like him anyway. That outing was met with mixed reactions and now it looks like the church community is out for revenge on yours truly. Check …

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