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Steve O Does Trick Shots Better Than Anyone Else [VIDEO]
If there is one thing that can always make us happy, it's a nice pair of boobs. Also, when you get bored and start searching the internet for something to watch, trick shot videos always pop up. Steve O just did us a favor and simply combined the two. Thank you Steve O, thank you.
Montage of Amazing Beer Pong Shots Will Boggle Your Mind [VIDEO]
Even if you're like me and don't drink, you got to admit that beer pong is a pretty awesome game. Drunk or sober it takes a certain amount of skill to land the ball into the cup. That why I know this collection of amazing, crazy, damn-near impossible shots is guaranteed to leave everyone s…
Trick Golf Shot Turns Into Free Tongue Piercing [VIDEO]
My first impression when I found this video on YouTube was, at what point does this become a good idea? Then I saw one of them had a beer in his hand. I think it all explains its self from here. By the way, look for Monroe trying this shot next season at Bad Golfers League.
Bad Golfers League Trick Shots
Gareth Maybin can handle his ball better than Maggie.  Apparently, you have a lot of extra time to goof around with you are on the PGA tour.  A little bit of practice and check out what you can do.  I plan on trying all of these during this years Bad Golfers League -- details on the l…
Vinyl Record Trick Shot Video
By no means am I a vinyl enthusiast, but there is something pretty sweet about records.  Watch these dudes nail some insane trick shots landing vinyl on the turntable.
Bow And Arrow Trick Shot Video
I'm pretty sure the use of bow and arrow is only good for killing dragons, killing settlers, and killing whoever Robin Hood killed. But now you can add trick shots to that list, and I have to say, they are pretty damn impressive.
Basketball Soccer Gymnastics Trick Shots [VIDEO]
I know, I know, basketball trick shots are getting old.  They are all over the internet and some of them aren't even that sweet.  But this isn't a basketball trick shot video, it's a basketball soccer gymnastics video trick shot video and it's effing awesome.
12 Year Old Trick Shot Quarterback [VIDEO]
I know, Iknow, we've seen enough trick shot videos.  But this one is a little different, because it stars a little kid.  This dude is only 12, and is probably getting scouted just for this video.

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