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Teens Lift Tractor To Save Dad
I'm sure most of us have heard stories about amazing feats of strength when faces with disaster or when someones life is in danger. Some doctors and scientist call it "Hysterical Strength". Whatever you call it, it's amazing.
Bouncer Shot With an arrow
As someone who has worked as a bouncer I can say I've seen a lot of craziness in my day. But an arrow? I'm suddenly reminded of a scene in Austin Powers where Random Task is questioned about his choice in weaponry as well. But, I guess anything is possible in Tennessee.
man vs. taser. and the winner is?
I'm not real sure what the entire premise behind this story is. However, on thing is for sure, this guy has just taken the title for baddest man alive. Watch him take 50,000 volts to the chest and not even blink. He does however have some choice words for the police officer.
Want Fries With that Degree ?
According to an article yesterday that was re-posted by the Washington Examiner, Micky D's is asking their cashiers have a Bachelors and 1-2 years experience.