MI Uber Driver Gets Stabby
A Michigan Uber driver is being charged with assault after allegedly stabbing a passenger. 23-year-old Jacob Allemon, was arraigned in court on Sunday after the incident. It all happened Saturday morning around 1:30 a.m. in a Bloomfield Township parking lot.
Drunk Chick Attacks Uber Driver, Empties Car [VIDEO]
I don't know how someone would want to be an Uber driver. It's the business of picking up drunk aholes from what I've seen. This chick is hammered and having an altercation with her driver. After attacking him, she jumps in the car and begins to throw everything in the street.
Uber Driver Pepper Sprays Drunk Passenger [VIDEO]
Uber is a great thing when you know you shouldn't be driving. However, if you are so drunk that you act like this, you should probably rethink your drinking habits. This driver began to kick out his passenger because he was too drunk to give him directions. The customer got angry and launched a…
MI Lawmakers Go to War w/ Uber
Michigan lawmakers are trying to put a leash on public transportation businesses like Uber. A couple of bills were recently introduced in the State Legislature in hopes of forcing drivers participating in Uber’s network to be held to the same controls as other transportation services…

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