UFO Spotted in MI?
Michigan has been the location of a number of UFO sightings throughout the years, most of which remain mysterious and unexplained. And while alien life forms, spacecraft, and anal probes, are controversial subjects that most people, deep down inside, believe happens across the country on a regular b…
Crashing UFO Releases Orb in California [VIDEO]
At first glance this just looks as if a meteor is crashing to earth but then all of a sudden some type of orb or something shoots out the back and accelerates in the opposite direction. The sci-fi nerd in me thinks it looks like an escape pod. It could be a total bogus video but what if it's no…
Strange UFO Sighting in Michigan [VIDEO]
I'm not sure what this is but whatever it is, it's really really big. This sighting was somewhere in Michigan and just released this week. Hard to tell if this object was silent because there is a train going by and the person that filmed it was inside a vehicle. What do you think it is?
Strange UFO Sighting in Novi Michigan [VIDEO]
Is it a hot air balloon, blimp or Chinese lantern? I have no idea but that's what makes it a UFO. This weird sighting happened a couple days ago in Novi, Michigan and could have a simple explanation but for now it's still in question. What do you think this strange object in the sky is?
Top UFO Sightings of July 2013 [VIDEO]
If you know anything about me, you know I'm a UFO nut. My whole life I've had a huge interest in the unknown. I can honestly say I've never seen anything too unusual in the sky that made me claim it was a UFO but the folks in this video caught the top sightings of July 2013.

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