Need A Cup of Coffee? Ur-ine Luck.
What is it about teenagers in Missouri peeing in peoples drinks. Almost a month ago I gave you a story about a high school girls basketball team that pee'd in their opponents water cooler. Now a 16-year-old student in St. Joseph Missouri is peeing the teachers coffee pot.
Woman Addicted To Drinking Her Own Urine [VIDEO]
I have posted a few "Strange Addiction" videos from TLC.  Like people addicted to gas, or adults acting like babies, you know normal stuff.  But this addiction takes the cake!  Or should I say urninal cake?
Meet Carrie, a 53 year old woman who is addicted to drinking …
Chargers Kicker Pees On Sideline
The Chargers are awful and before today, I had never even heard of Nick Novak, but I'm sure I'll remember him now, as the dude who go taking a leak on the sideline of a NFL game.  Check out the video.