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Vince Vaughn Beats a Car to Death in the ‘Brawl in Cell Block 99’ Teaser
Vince Vaughn has come a long way from crashing weddings as a strictly comedic actor. He’s made one of my favorite transitions in film acting, from “Oh, he’s hilarious” to “Oh, he’s actually really good.” While his season of True Detective wasn’t exactly lauded, Vaughn has proved his talent for drama, and his new film Brawl in Cell Block 99 certainly looks like it’ll prove that even further. Also, he just looks terrifying.
Vince Vaughn Takes On Jimmy Fallon In Box Of Lies [VIDEO]
Vince Vaughn was definitely out for the win against Jimmy Fallon. Earlier in the show, Vince was creeped out by Jimmy niceness and thought it was a plot to get the upper hand in the game. After discussing Jimmy's nearly perfect record, the went onto the game. See who won here.