virtual reality

Dude Freaks Out While Playing Virtual Reality
We've come along way since the Atari. This dude is playing a virtual reality game and has a complete freakout. We all had the chance to play some high-quality VR at The Sandbox on Miller Road and I can understand this guy's reaction.
Woman Freaks Out On Virtual Reality Roller Coaster [VIDEO]
Virtual reality has come a long way the last few years. I've talked to a few people that have tried the Oculus Rift and they have told me it's awesome yet terrifying. This lady decided to try out a virtual roller coaster in a local mall. I can't imagine the coaster is as terrifying as…
The Future Of Virtual Reality Gaming Is Here
Looks like the future of fat and lazy kids is about to change.  Check out this new virtual reality gaming system.  It uses a treadmill, "real" weapon controllers, and VR goggles.  It looks like it'll be a blast for kids to play as long as they're not to pud…