Peeps+Vodka=Happy Easter
Do you know how to make Peeps taste good? Add alcohol (if you are 21 and up). If the thought of celebrating Easter with your family has got you down, you may want to 'down' this tasty Peeps vodka drink! Let the others look for eggs, you have a drink to make! Cheers Easter Bunny!
Man Drinks A Bottle Of Vodka In 15 Seconds
‘Shoenice22′ is a YouTube star who consumes strange products, like a bottle of sunscreen, or normal products in a strange manner, like a dozen raw eggs and shells. In his latest video, ShoeNice drinks a bottle of vodka in 15 seconds. Watch (and
Dog Trained To Fetch Vodka
Most dogs suck.  I mean, they'll bring you a ball back, but really, what are you going to do with a ball?  I know what you'd do if a dob brought you a bottle of Vodka, and that's get Ukrainian drunk.  Watch the most useful dog in the world do his best trick.