Standoff Suspect Serenades Cops With Banjo [VIDEO]
I am guessing Andrew Helmsworth's banjo playing skills are not up to par because when he played for police - he was shot with a rubber bullet. It was all part of a very bizarre police standoff in Vancouver, Washington that started with the banjo baller running naked through a neighborhood.
Cops Help Dude Light Two Pound Joint at Festival [VIDEO]
Over the last 12 months the voters in the state of Washington have been one of a few states to legalized marijuana. Which means that the same police officers that use to lock stoner's up now have to protect their right to roll a fatties whenever they want to.
KHQ-TV Reporter Drops F-Bomb, TWICE [VIDEO]
Y'know, I'll be the first to say, it's hard work being on Radio and TV. Lost of crazy rules you have to follow and don't even get me started on the FCC. However, that's still no excuse for poor editing. Now in smaller markets the talent is usually their own producer/editor...