Dude Builds His Own Real Life Batarang [VIDEO]
Looks like this dude is just in time to snag a licensing agreement for the Batman v. Superman flick. What's his product? A real life Batarang. Now all we need are a couple criminals to thump with this thing and see if it'll still return.
Turn a Drill into A Shot Gun [VIDEO]
The same guy who showed you how to make an Oreo slingshot shows you how to turn a cordless drill into a shotgun. Well, maybe not a shotgun, more like a nautilus wooden wheel firing giant ball bearings ridiculously fast. Either way it's still cool.
Oreo Separation Pump Gun Fail
Their are many questions that have plagued man throughout his history, of those questions I'm most certain "What's the best way to separate an Oreo" will be atop that list. Enter Jorge Sprave and his latest invention.
The All New Taser Grenade….What?!?!? [VIDEO]
Time to add more ways to piss yourself while getting arrested!  This video is pretty cool showing all that different, non-lethal weapons police can use.  I really want to see the "Shock Wave" in use! (at about 54 seconds in)  But the grenade looks pretty awesome!