Best Mother and Son Wedding Dance Ever [Video]
I have always said if I ever get married, it will not be a traditional, boring, cookie cutter wedding.  No way.  It would have to be fun.  NO tuxedos and prom dresses, no long ceremony that people's kids cry through, and the most important detail...NO awkward waddling in the middle of the dance floo…
Batman, Iron Man, Jimmy Hart Fight at Best Wedding Ever
This wedding ceremony is absolutely insane and like nothing you have ever seen before. When asked if anyone objects to the couple getting married, that is when all hell breaks loose. There are epic battle scenes with a knight in armor, ninjas, Iron Man, Batman, an appearance by WWE legend Jimmy Hart…
Wedding Brawl Ends in Death [VIDEO]
Two wedding parties involving 70-100 people got into one of the biggest wedding brawls of all time. This whole thing would be pretty funny except the uncle of the bride suffered a heart attack and died. This is just more proof of what animals we are.
Worst Walk Down The Aisle Ever
Some people would say that any walk down the aisle is a bad one.  Everybody would say that this one is an awful one.  Check out this chick wipe out and lose her dress in one of the most embarrassing entrances ever.
Woman Texting During Her Wedding
This is what our society has come to. We are all so addicted to our cell phones and we are all guilty of texting somewhere when it was was probably inappropriate, but during your wedding? This is what this poor bastard has to look forward to.  Maybe she was just updating her status on facebook. I me…

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