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‘Suicide Squad’ Assembles the Worst of the Worst in New Magazine Covers
We are about a month away from the release of Suicide Squad, David Ayer’s devious new DC super-villain team-up that brings The Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot and more together in what will hopefully prove to be an antidote to this disappointing summer movie season. If you’re itching for a new look at the Squad, Ayer’s film has taken over the latest edition of EW, which features the cast on four different magazine covers as well as some new info on the highly-anticipated project.
The ‘Suicide Squad’ Runtime Has Been Revealed
I saw the Suicide Squad trailer on the big screen for the first time last week. (It was one of the few highlights of my trip to the multiplex for Independence Day: Resurgence.) Sometimes trailers play very differently on the big screen than they do at home. But Suicide Squad worked even better big than it did on my laptop. It just looks like a hit, which is not something you can say about many 2016 summer movies (like, for example, Independence Day: Resurgence).

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