Woody Harrelson

‘Zombieland 2’ Is Happening. It Is. Definitely.
A sequel to the 2009 hit horror-comedy (but mostly comedy) Zombieland has been teased for some time, (there was even going to be an Amazon series at one point) but it wasn’t until earlier this year that the wheels seemed to have finally been set in motion. Via a surprise logo reveal, Zombiela…
Is Woody Moving to Flint?
We all know Woody Harrelson spent some time in Flint during the filming of 'Semi-Pro,' but a recent story being shared on Facebook says that he'll be moving here for good. Why would a successful actor that lives happily in Hawaii move to one of the most troubled cities in Am…
Jackass To Possibly Play Stooge!
Rumors are flying about who will be cast as Larry, Curly and Moe in an upcoming Three Stooges movie.    Did they staple their butt cheeks together?  If so, Johnny Knoxville should fit right in.