world record

New World Record, 103 Tacos In Eight Minutes [VIDEO]
Competitive eating blows my mind. Where in the hell does all of this food go? Some of these eaters are so tiny I just don't understand how it is psychically possible. Matt Stonie is no exception to the rule. In a recent competition, he set a record and ate 103 tacos in only eight minutes. In my…
Man Can Carry 27 Beers At One Time [VIDEO]
You can set a world record for just about anything. Chris Monroe breaks cigarette smoking records daily around here. While Chrissy is busy puffing away here in Flint, Oliver Struempfel was busy breaking a record of his own! Oliver can carry 27 beers at one time! How does he do it?
Dude Snorts Three Condoms Through His Nose At Once [VIDEO]
I've done a lot of things with condoms.  I've ripped them off and thrown them against the wall hoping it would stick, put them over my head, and even used them as water balloons.  I have never tried to snort one though, let alone three at once.  Watch this moron do just that…
World’s Largest Jager Bomb Train — 3,024 Shots
This is a whole lot of awesome!  I need to be a part of a record-breaking stunt like this -- I feel that it is my calling.  It's a beautiful sight to see 3,000+ Jager Bombs made in under 60 seconds.  My next question is, how hammered was everyone at that bar after the celebration…
Backflip World Record Ends In Brutal Fall
I have never even jumped on a pogo stick, let alone done back flips on one.  But this dude has done a bunch.  In fact, he set the world record minus one, when it comes to pogo stick back flips.  Check out the video.
Man Sets World Record For Climbing Stairs With His Head
Some nights I can barely walk up up stairs using my own two legs, this dude does it using only his head. The balance and strength this guy has is amazing. His name is Sun Xi Zhong from China and he now enters the Guinness Book of World Records after climbing up 15 stairs with only his head.