We're not quite sure how to react to this, because a decision like this is pretty insane. Although we can't 100-percent confirm that this is real, it seems like someone has tattooed the mugshot of disgraced Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins onto their skin.

Earlier this week, on Dec. 18, Ian Watkins was given a 35-year sentence after pleading guilty to multiple sexual offenses, most of which involved deplorable acts against children. The singer's sentence includes 29 years in prison and an additional 6 years on extended license (probation). Watkins will not be eligible for parole until he has served two-thirds of his sentence.

The apparent tattoo of Watkins shows the convicted pedophile's mugshot along with the phrase 'Mega Lolz' written below. According to UK newspaper The Mirror, Lostprophets adopted 'Mega Lolz' as their own catchphrase, even crafting a giant banner with the term to use as a backdrop during live performances. However, the phrase will be forever tainted due to a phone call Watkins made from prison the day after pleading guilty.

“I’m going to put out a statement on the 18th just to say it was mega lolz,” Watkins stated to a woman named Samantha. “I do not know what everybody is getting so freaked out about. It was like either I go up there and say: ‘Come on it was not that bad. Nobody got hurt,’ or ‘try to win them over with my charm and end up saying, ‘I was off my head and do not remember anything.’”

The tattoo was originally posted in the 'CringePics' section of Reddit, but apparently has been taken down after reader outrage in the comments section. We can all surely appreciate a bit of dark humor, but if this tattoo is real, we feel there's nothing funny about this person's decision. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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